Cross.Auditor Unlocked


Verdant.Desk is a dynamic Help Desk system designed to make filing a ticket with your IT support staff simple, easy, and effective.  Users are able to enter a ticket either via their desktop machine or mobile device, as well as, manage tickets and view ticket history.

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$4,995 for Unlocked Cross.Auditor  (Licensing and Support not included).

Cross.Auditor is a dynamic auditing system designed to make filling out forms to perform audits simple, easy, and effective.
Cross.Auditor is built on the FileMaker platform which allows you to access your audit information, as an end user, anywhere.
Cross.Auditor is designed to work in both the Apple and Windows environments allowing all employees the ability to access their information no matter the environment they work within.

*Additional charges for server hosting & setup are not included
**Licensing is available for up to 100 users in increments of 5 please contact for more information
***No support is included with this product. Support is available for purchase separately.