Is a Custom Solution built on the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform right for you?

Whether you need a custom form on your iOS device or a fully functional desktop solution that integrates with the web, we will help you find the right solution to meet your needs.  Contact us now to find a solution for your problem.

Cross loves FileMaker the Premiere Workplace Innovation Platform!  We believe your solutions should work the way you do and that there is no better way to deploy a custom solution than by utilizing the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform!

Don't be like your competition!  They probably use some packaged application that is rigid and won't fit their unique business and processes.  That packaged app probably forces them to pay for unused features that includes more functionality than they need.  A packaged application is also separate and doesn't integrate well without external data, creating separate silos of information.

You can gain a competitive advantage over your competition by deploying a custom solution built upon the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform!  A custom solution is flexible and can run exactly as you want it to run.  It is right-sized and cost effective as you only pay for and only develop what you need.  And the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform is easy to integrate with existing business systems.  Solutions built on the platform can also grow to meet your needs over time as your business grows and prospers!

Distinguished Partner

Cross has achieved the highest level of distinction of FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner by FileMaker (an Apple Subsidiary). Our certified developers are regarded as leaders in their field; not only by our peers, but by our clients for Custom App Development in the areas of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go for iOS, and FileMaker WebDirect.

Vertical Market Solutions

The Software Development team creates ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions with a tailored approach, Verdant.Desk & Verdant.Auditor.  Both vertical market solutions are designed to work cross platform in Apple and Windows environments.  Our FileMaker development team concentrates on user-centric design and implementation for all solutions.

Certified Experts

Our Custom Software Developers are highly skilled, trained, and certified in every aspect of FileMaker.  We take pride in our ability to build superior custom solutions which ‘work the way you work’ utilizing FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go for iOS, and FileMaker WebDirect.  Delivering best-of-breed solutions to fit the customers budget and needs.

GREENVILLE, PA — December 14, 2015 — Cross IT Services & Solutions, LLC, a leading FileMaker Platform developer, today announced that it has been designated as a Platinum Level FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member. Partners who reach the FBA Platinum level are specifically selected by FileMaker, Inc., an Apple subsidiary, for exhibiting the highest level of customer service and technical expertise in creating innovative FileMaker Platform solutions.

“By hiring a FBA Platinum partner you can save time and money, build and deploy custom apps faster, and get the right expertise for your unique needs,” said Ann Monroe, Senior Director of Marketing, FileMaker.

FileMaker, Inc, collaborates regularly with FBA Platinum partners to share ideas, best practices and ways to extend offerings built on FileMaker technologies. Participation in the FBA Platinum level program is by invitation only. For more information about the program go to:

As an FBA member since 2008, Cross IT Services & Solutions, LLC is dedicated to helping organizations successfully deploy complex IT solutions with ease.  The Cross IT team of professional IT Developers and Consultants specialize in three (3) core areas: Database Design and Implementation of solutions on the FileMaker platform and iOS, Network and Server Infrastructure Engineering, and Client Hosting Solutions.  Cross IT works closely with their clients to design, install and maintain systems with the goal of having the system work for the client versus the client designing processes around a solution or piece of software.

About FileMaker, Inc.

FileMaker, Inc., an Apple subsidiary, delivers simply powerful software for easily creating custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Business teams use the FileMaker Platform to streamline their operational processes, boosting overall productivity.

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