FMburgh Survey for April 2023

After each meeting of FMburgh, the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group, we circulate a survey to all attendees. This allows us to gather feedback and learn what went well and what can be done better as we plan future gatherings. As part of each survey, we include several general questions to learn how people are using Claris FileMaker and/or Claris Connect and the many awesome features of these great products. We also ask one “fun” question to learn about the outside interests of our diverse group.

A while back, we realized that it wasn’t fair to keep all of the fun to ourselves in our corner of western PA. Below, please find the questions for the April 2023 FMburgh Survey and spots to provide your answers to each question. We look forward to hearing from you.

Which of these developer tips and/or tricks discussed during the meeting do you plan to add to your own development practices? (Check all that apply.)
When gathering system requirements for a new project, which tools do you typically use? (Check all that apply.)
What was your favorite subject in high school?