Are you experiencing network or Internet issues?  Let Cross connect your business using the latest technology, including wired & wireless (WiFi) networks, servers, desktops, phone systems, and email.


Cross consultants are available to assist your business with designing, managing, and monitoring your technology.  We offer multiple levels of support and provide exceptional customer service.


What safeguards do you have in place to protect your data?  Contact Cross for more information on our backup solutions, firewalls, anti-virus software, and email security services.

How is your relationship with technology?

In a world that is constantly connected with a never ending stream of data, technology (and how you are using it) has become increasingly important.  Reliance on computer infrastructure has increased exponentially, and with it the need for speed and reliability.  Are you using technology to reach your company’s peak level of productivity?

Cross is a collection of certified and experienced Information Technology (IT) professionals that work in partnership with you, to realize your company’s potential and to design solutions that use technology to meet your business objectives.  We work to improve the structure and efficiency of your IT system(s).  Whether you are a small business with no server infrastructure, a school with a virtual environment, or a 10,000 employee corporation, our team has the expertise to smoothly support your technology.

We can review your internal processes and assist your existing IT department to provide technical support to your end-users.  We also lead and participate in projects that apply technology solutions to your business problems.  A subset of services we provide include, but are not limited to: server infrastructure, email hosting, backup solutions, virtualization, phone systems, video surveillance, and network security.  Contact us today for the solution that propels your company to the next level of productivity and peace of mind.