FMburgh March 2017 Meeting

The agenda for the evening includes a roundtable discussion centered around the topic “What’s Your Problem?”. For the last couple of years, each FMburgh meeting has concluded with a segment we like to call “One More Thing…”, which is an opportunity for any one present to ask a question not directly related to the evening’s topic and hopefully get an answer. For this roundtable meeting, we are going to open the floor from the very beginning. You will have the chance to ask your FileMaker-related question(s) and then have all of the attendees chime in with their thoughts in order to get you the answer you need to solve your conundrum.

As is our custom, we plan to hold the organized discussion time to about an hour or so, and allow for additional discussion and networking time following the roundtable.

After a brief introduction at 6:30, we will enjoy dinner before starting the official discussion. Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches are on the evening’s menu along with an assortment of chips, cookies and beverages. If you have any special dietary considerations, please make a note when submitting your RSVP. We will do our best to plan the meal accordingly, but please understand if we are unable to accommodate every restriction.

While we encourage everyone to attend in-person for the camaraderie and sharing of ideas (and food), we have begun to experiment with some technology to allow remote access. This meeting marks another one of these experiments, and we plan to make it available via web conferencing to allow members to attend if they are unable to be at Bakery Square. If you plan to attend remotely, please indicate that when submitting your RSVP.

To submit your RSVP, please click the link below:

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