FMburgh Survey Results for February 2021

At the February meeting of  FMburgh (the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group), we held a roundtable discussion centered around the topic FileMaker Resolutions since it was our first meeting of the new year. As a follow-up to our spirited discussion, we asked the attendees and the larger Claris FileMaker community which FileMaker-centric resolutions they would take on this year. We also asked how they begin a new project, and which type of dog breed they think Pittsburgh is. All of the answers revealed at the March 2021 meeting of FMburgh are listed below.

Q1) Having attended the roundtable discussion “FileMaker Resolutions”, which resolutions do you plan to adopt for 2021? (Check all that apply)

0.00% – Figure out a good use case for a Cartesian join relationship.
30.00% – Insert more script comments.
30.00% – Incorporate Apple’s Core ML to build smarter solutions.
40.00% – Embrace JSON as a way to pass parameters and store data in scripts.
60.00% – Use FileMaker with/as a RESTful API.
60.00% – Make use of FileMaker Add-Ons.
90.00% – Learn JavaScript to enhance my FileMaker solutions.

Q2) How do you create a new FileMaker solution? (Check all that apply)

0.00% – Select one of the ‘Starter’ solutions available with Claris FileMaker 19.
0.00% – Use one of the ‘Sample’ solutions available with Claris FileMaker 19.
0.00% – Begin with one of the FileMaker Templates found on the Claris Marketplace.
9.09% – Start with what the client has.
54.55% – Duplicate and modify an existing starter solution you have built or obtained from a third party.
54.55% – Convert from the Excel spreadsheet the client is trying to use.
81.82% – Start building from scratch.

Q3) Imagine if Pittsburgh were a breed of dog. Which breed would it be?

27.27% – Jack Russell – small, tough, opinionated
18.18% – Tibetan Mastiff – or some other very rare breed
9.09% – German Shepherd – poised and elegant but rather hardy
0.00% – Poodle – beautifully presented but a bit of a poser
18.18% – Golden Retriever – warm, cuddly and great with children
18.18% – Pit Bull Terrier – scary but kind deep down
9.09% – Labradoodle – or some other cute hybrid


If you responded to the February 2021 survey, we thank you for your participation. And whether you did or not, we also thank you for checking out the results. To join in on the fun, click here to submit your answers for March’s survey.