FMburgh Survey Results for May 2021

At the May meeting of  FMburgh (the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group), the agenda included the presentation Overview of XML with FileMaker by Beverly Voth. She shared her many insights on XML and how it can be used in a FileMaker solution. As part of our post-meeting survey, we asked the attendees if they were ready start using XML in their own FileMaker solutions. We also asked what tasks they routinely run as part of an OnFirstWindowOpen script. Finally, we learned that the majority of FileMaker developers and users are eagerly awaiting the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters later this year. All of the answers revealed at the June 2021 meeting of FMburgh are listed below.

Q1) After seeing Beverly’s presentation on XML and FileMaker, you…

0.00% – Are ready to import, export, and transform XML like a pro.
0.00% – Can attempt your first import from an XML data source.
60.0% – Want to use XML, but you now know what you don’t know and need to do some more homework.
40.0% – Will stick with CSV files and leave the XML and XLST to the experts.

Q2) What task(s) do you typically perform (at least 75% of the time) when using the OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger? (Check all that apply)

0.00% – Check Security Settings
40.0% – Preset Global Fields
40.0% – Create Session Record
60.0% – Set Global Variables
60.0% – Configure User Environment
80.0% – Layout Navigation
80.0% – Display Splash Screen
80.0% – Install / Register Plugins

Q3) Which of these highly anticipated Hollywood blockbusters do you plan to see in 2021, either at a movie theater or from home via streaming? (Check all that apply)

0.00% – Above Suspicion
0.00% – Space Jam: A New Legacy
0.00% – Venom: Let There Be Carnage
20.0% – Cruella
20.0% – Escape Room 2
20.0% – Jungle Cruise
20.0% – Top Gun: Maverick
20.0% – West Side Story
40.0% – A Quiet Place II
40.0% – Fast & Furious 9
40.0% – The Suicide Squad
40.0% – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
40.0% – Dune
40.0% – No Time To Die
80.0% – Black Widow
80.0% – Ghostbusters: Afterlife
80.0% – Spider-Man: No Way Home
80.0% – The Matrix 4


If you responded to the May 2021 survey, we thank you for your participation. And whether you did or not, we also thank you for checking out the results. To join in on the fun, click here to submit your answers for June’s survey.