FMburgh Survey Results for November 2021

Following the November meeting of FMburgh (the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group), we asked them which FileMaker WebDirect enhancement has yielded the most benefit to their solutions. We also asked them which External SQL Sources (ESS) they’ve integrated with a FileMaker solution. Finally, we learned that more FileMaker developers see themselves as Pictionary than any other classic board game.

Q1) Of the enhancements discussed during our meeting, which ones have aided your development of solutions deployed via FileMaker WebDirect since the technology was originally released back in FileMaker 13? (Check all that apply.)

0.00% – Support for up to 100 FileMaker WebDirect clients per worker machine
33.3% – Use of the Perform Script on Server script step
50.0% – Display status and error messages using the Show Custom Dialog script step
83.3% – PDF and print support using the Print, Print Setup and Save Records as PDF script steps
83.3% – Support for Card Windows

Q2) Which of the following External SQL Data Sources (ESS) have you integrated with a FileMaker solution? (Check all that apply.)

0.00% – IBM Db2
16.7% – Oracle
16.7% – IBM iSeries (AS/400)
16.7% – PostgreSQL
83.3% – Microsoft SQL Server
83.3% – MySQL

Q3) Imagine if you were a classic board game. Which one would you be?

0.00% – Candyland
0.00% – Checkers
0.00% – Chess
0.00% – Clue
16.7% – Chutes & Ladders
16.7% – Life
0.00% – Monopoly
33.3% – Pictionary
0.00% – Risk
0.00% – Scrabble
16.7% – Settlers of Catan
16.7% – Trivial Pursuit


If you responded to the November 2021 survey, we thank you for your participation. And whether you did or not, we also thank you for checking out the results. To join in on the fun, click here to submit your answers for December’s survey.