FMburgh Survey Results for October 2022

Following the October meeting of FMburgh (the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group), we asked the attendees their thoughts on Claris Studio and which layout objects they use most often. We also learned which genre would inspire their costume at the FMburgh Halloween party.

Q1) Having seen Beth and Todd’s presentation and demo of Claris Studio, you…

40.0% – Are ready to build your first View in Claris Studio.
10.0% – Need to figure out the best use case for your business / customer before diving in.
30.0% – Want to see some more refinement and features before beginning to rely on it.
10.0% – Do not have any need for anonymous data collection via a web form at this time.
10.0% – Can deliver everything your client needs using Instant Web Publishing.

Q2) Which of these Claris FileMaker layout objects do you use in every solution i.e. at least 75% of the time? (Check all that apply.)

20.0% – Graphic shapes i.e. rectangle, rounded rectangle, oval
30.0% – Charts
30.0% – Web viewers
50.0% – Slide controls
50.0% – Tab controls
60.0% – Popover buttons
70.0% – Portals
80.0% – Merge fields / variables
90.0% – Button bars

Q3) If FMburgh hosted a Halloween party, which genre would you select as the inspiration for your costume?

20.0% – Pirate
0.00% – Zombie
0.00% – Vampire
20.0% – Superhero
10.0% – Celebrity (Movie / Television / Reality TV)
30.0% – Fictional Character (Book / Movie / TV Show)
0.00% – Cartoon Character
0.00% – Athlete
10.0% – Animal
10.0% – Todd Weller


If you responded to the October 2022 survey, we thank you for your participation. And whether you did or not, we also thank you for checking out the results. To join in on the fun, click here to submit your answers for November’s survey.