FMburgh May 2015 Meeting

Due to a scheduling conflict, we were unable to hold this meeting on our regular day and time. As a result, this meeting was moved to the second Wednesday of May.

The agenda for the evening included a roundtable discussion centered around the topic “A Field By Any Other Name…”. While the FileMaker Platform does not require tables, fields and scripts to be named a specific way, it is a best practice to use some type of naming convention when developing a FileMaker solution. With the addition of custom styles and layout themes in FileMaker 13, it can be argued that the need to follow a naming convention has increased. Attendees of this meeting discussed their preferred naming conventions for table occurrences, fields, and custom styles among others. They did not attempt to determine which naming convention was the best way or the only way. The goal was to share ideas so that attendees could decide which naming convention is “right” for them. And don’t worry. While our title may have been inspired by the writings of William Shakespeare, the discussion was not held in iambic pentameter.