At work, we listen to SiriusXM for Business, but when a long day of computer consulting is over, we all go our separate directions, especially when it comes to musical tastes:

  • John listens to his Beach Boys vinyl collection.
  • Brian streams Muddy Waters from his Synology NAS.
  • Brandy listens to Sam Smith and Slipknot on Spotify.
  • Todd kicks back to his movie soundtrack playlist on Apple Music.
  • And Laura?  Well, it is hard to believe someone so quiet listens to music so loud.  (If you can call that music!)

We might not agree on what music to listen to, but we all agree that Sonos is the best way to listen to our music collections.

The Sonos Wireless HiFi System delivers all the music on earth, in every room, with warm, full-bodied sound that’s crystal clear at any volume. Sonos can fill your home with music by combining HiFi sound and rock-solid wireless in a smart system that is easy to set-up, control and expand.

We are proud to be a Sonos Custom Installer!  Contact us now to discuss your Sonos Wireless HiFi System needs for work or for home!