FMburgh May 2016 Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 4th at 6:30 PM. We will once again be meeting at Bakery Square in the Pitt RST conference room.

Please join us for “Script Scheduling Methods in the FileMaker Platform”, presented by our own Todd Weller from Cross IT Services & Solutions. In FileMaker, one common task for power users and developers alike is the writing of scripts to automate both common tasks and complex operations. In most cases, these scripts are executed on-demand when the user either clicks a button on a layout or selects the script from the menu. Over the course of the evening, Todd will present the various methods available to the developer to execute a script at a specific time or on a specific interval. He has examples of each technique to share along with the pros and cons for employing each approach.

After a brief introduction at 6:30, we will enjoy dinner before starting the official discussion. An assortment of sandwiches and chips chips along with assorted beverages are on the menu. If you have any special dietary considerations, please make a note when submitting your RSVP. We will do our best to plan the meal accordingly.

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