September 2022 Meeting of FMburgh

The September 2022 meeting of FMburgh, the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group, was held on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 7:00 PM EDT in an online-only format.

The agenda for the evening included a presentation from special guest Corn Walker with Proof+Geist on The Modern FileMaker Revolution. Corn then moderated the subsequent roundtable discussion as we talked about what the rapid advancements of the Claris platform and the focus on Claris FileMaker Server mean for us as users and developers. Does it alter the way we design and implement systems? Do we have the skills to keep up with the technology? Over the course of the evening, we shared our thoughts on these questions and many others.

In case you missed the meeting or want to go back and review something that was shown or said, the meeting was recorded and is available for viewing at your convenience.

View meeting recording