FMburgh Survey Results for June 2022

Following the June meeting of FMburgh (the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group), we asked the attendees about their API integration experience and preferred relationship graph model. Finally, we learned that more FileMaker developers would like to care for Dino or Gromit than Gizmo.

Q1) When integrating FileMaker with an API, your experience… (Check all that apply)

22.2% – Consists of pushing FileMaker data to the API in order to create/update information on the external site.
33.3% – Incorporates setting up FileMaker Server to act as an API source for another FileMaker solution or third-party application.
33.3% – Is limited as you have just begun working on your first FileMaker / API integration project.
33.3% – Is nonexistent since your FileMaker solutions have not required this type of integration (yet).
55.6% – Includes fetching data from the external API and then creating/updating FileMaker records.

Q2) What is your preferred method for setting up, organizing, and managing the Claris FileMaker Relationships Graph?

16.7% – Amorphous / Chaotic / Spaghetti Model
66.7% – Squid / Anchor-Buoy Model
0.00% – Modular / Centric Model
0.00% – Flotilla or Cluster / Satellite Model
0.00% – Procedural Control Model
16.7% – Hybrid Model

Q3) Which fictional pet would you most like to call your own?

8.3% – Astro (from The Jetsons)
0.00% – Bolt (from Bolt)
25% – Dino (from The Flintstones)
8.3% – Dug (from Up)
0.00% – Garfield (from Garfield)
0.00% – Gizmo (from Gremlins)
25% – Gromit (from Wallace and Gromit)
8.33% – Hedwig (from Harry Potter)
0.00% – Perry the Platypus (from Phineas and Ferb)
8.3% – Scooby-Doo (from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?)
8.3% – Snoopy (from Peanuts)
8.3% – Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon)


If you responded to the June 2022 survey, we thank you for your participation. And whether you did or not, we also thank you for checking out the results. To join in on the fun, click here to submit your answers for August’s survey.