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For the love of parsing

by Laura Betz We look at a project and see the many things that need to be accomplished. One of the things I rather enjoy figuring is how to parse text. With data conformity being enforced during data entry there should not be as much to parse out. However, sometimes […]

Do you have what you’re looking for?

What is Find Mode? There are many different application development platforms which have many features. One feature that FileMaker has in their platform is “Find Mode”. Find Mode is a mode specifically where searching for information is constructed. It varies from “Browse Mode”, where information can be entered and stored, […]

Happy Holidays!

The Holidays are here! For us at Cross, it not only means a time for food, shopping, food, and being with loved ones (Did we mention food?), but it’s a time for remembering all the things we are thankful for and reflecting on the year that has passed since the […]

A Developer’s Christmas

Christmas as a developer can be a very interesting time of year. In talking with my family about the plans, presents for the kids, and who is attending what day, one though kept coming to mind: “I can just make an iPhone App for this.”  While the thought of making […]