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Claris Engage 2020 Overview

In the 24th annual FileMaker DevCon, Claris International, Inc. had announced its new branding that included a name and another product. The original name of the company when it first began was Claris, then transitioned to FileMaker, so it brings back to what it once was called. To make it […]

Claris Academy Overview

Claris International, Inc. has updated the old “Custom App Academy” to “Claris Academy”. When the “Custom App Academy” was introduced in late 2017, it opened doors in learning how to develop in Claris FileMaker. Providing their own instructional set of videos and documentation allows users to easily find a tutorial. The way that everything […]

List Me Off: List vs Master Detail

When designing layouts for any application we create we consider what is the best method to show information for people viewing it. In a database system, we are dealing with tables that have many records in them. Some views that will be the detail of a record (and potentially related […]

Introducing FileMaker 19

Yesterday, May 22, Claris Inc. announced the release of the newest iteration of its flagship business innovation platform, FileMaker 19. This release, while light on features compared with other annual releases, stands out for multiple reasons. The first, which is the first thing any long time users will notice, is […]

What Can Claris Connect Do For You

Recently Claris Inc. introduced its newest product into the world, Claris Connect. This new product offers exciting new possibilities for integration both for FileMaker, Claris’s other main product, and for other web based services. In our last blog post we gave a quick overview of Claris Connect. Yet as is […]

For the love of parsing

by Laura Betz We look at a project and see the many things that need to be accomplished. One of the things I rather enjoy figuring is how to parse text. With data conformity being enforced during data entry there should not be as much to parse out. However, sometimes […]