Data GUI Method Comparison

A Discussion: Data GUI Method Comparison
Level: Medium
By: Laura Betz

Any beginner to FileMaker will soon learn the vast developmental capabilities the platform offers. The flexibility offered within the FileMaker product is a unique database with an effective GUI (Graphical User Interface). Most platforms focus on SQL or HTML. Solutions / Platforms either concentrate on a well organized system of data storing or an intriguing interface, not both. When the two sides of data interaction are separated the platform only has to do one thing well.

FileMaker balances both data storage and ease of use within their product. When programming in FileMaker there are limits to can be done with collecting data and presenting data. FileMaker does have a black box to the underlying code in which it translates the
‘inner working’ of the platform. The learning curve is not as steep, but the initial investment of having someone test the application is something to consider. Also, even after setting up a database, many people have integrated FileMaker with other methods anyway (Ex. PHP for the web).

In any case, the capability of FileMaker’s ease of use in setting up and maintaining a server which can distribute information to a desktop, the web, and iOS devices makes FileMaker immensely powerful. What would take another system one hour can be done in FileMaker in five minutes. FileMaker continues to work on product flexibility increasing its able to grow with the user as their needs develop.