FileMaker Deep Dive: Reporting

Storing information is only the first requirement of a database solution. Users and managers must be able analyze this stored data in order to make the correct daily and long-term business decisions. Therefore, the ability to generate concise, meaningful reports is an important skill for all FileMaker users and developers. The FileMaker Deep Dive: Reporting training class focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to generate a wide range of report types.

If you desire to take your FileMaker reporting skills to the next level, make plans to participate in one or both days of this two-day training event, led by instructors from Cross IT and ProFile Developers. On Tuesday, March 12, Day 1  begins with basic reporting techniques for those users new to FileMaker reporting. On Wednesday, March 13, Day 2 focuses on advanced techniques for those developers that need next level skills to deliver the needed reports to their users.

The initial topics of study for each day are listed below. Please note that the training sessions are not limited to only these areas. A pre-workshop survey will be sent to each attendee to help the trainers tailor each session and maximize the return on investment.

Day 1:

  1. Layout context, Interface best practices, Reporting and business logic
  2. A basic report, and a basic sub-summary report
  3. A sub-summary report with no body part, a ranked sub-summary report, and a sub-summary report that summarizes by multiple attributes
  4. Introduction to charts, using summarized data from the current found set

Day 2:

  1. Additional charting techniques, including the use of delimited lists of data
  2. A crosstab report, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of sub-summary and crosstab reporting
  3. Use of the Web Viewer as a tool for dynamic reporting
  4. Reports using virtual lists generated by the ExecuteSQL function.

As with previous FileMaker Deep Dive training events, both sessions will be held at the Pittsburgh Carpenters’ Training Center at 652 Ridge Road, not far from the Settler’s Ridge and Robinson Twp areas. Also, breakfast and lunch will be provided at the workshop along with snacks and beverages throughout the day.

The investment to attend a single day of training (either Day 1 or Day 2) is $349 per person. The investment to attend both days of training is $599 per person, a savings of almost $100.

To register for the FileMaker Deep Dive: Reporting training event, please click the link below:

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