FileMaker Deep Dive: Scripting 2019

Automating tasks in a FileMaker solution is an essential component of a fully functional system. It improves the user experience in the areas of navigation, data entry, data validation, and reporting to name just a few. The FileMaker Deep Dive: Scripting training class focuses on FileMaker’s Script Workspace and the knowledge and skills needed to automate a wide range of tasks.

If you desire to take your FileMaker script writing skills to the next level, make plans to participate in one or both days of this two-day training event, led by instructors from Cross IT and ProFile Developers. On Tuesday, September 24, Day 1  begins with basic scripting techniques for those users new to the FileMaker Script Workspace. On Wednesday, September 25, Day 2 focuses on techniques for those developers that need next level skills to deliver the needed automation to their users.

The initial topics of study for each day are listed below. Please note that the training sessions are not limited to only these areas. A pre-workshop survey will be sent to each attendee to help the trainers tailor each session and maximize the return on investment.

Day 1:

  1. Layout navigation
  2. Finding records
  3. Basic error trapping
  4. Conditional logic and branching
  5. User notifications
  6. Basic reporting

Day 2:

  1. Reducing repeated code with sub-scripts
  2. Passing parameters to scripts
  3. Writing scripts for a specific platform or device i.e. macOS, Windows, iPad and iPhone, or Server
  4. Set up loops to perform updates on record sets
  5. Using script triggers
  6. Review the new script steps in FileMaker 18

As with previous FileMaker Deep Dive training events, both sessions will be held at the Pittsburgh Carpenters’ Training Center at 652 Ridge Road, not far from the Settler’s Ridge and Robinson Twp areas. Also, breakfast and lunch will be provided at the workshop along with snacks and beverages throughout the day.

The investment to attend a single day of training (either Day 1 or Day 2) is $299 per person. The investment to attend both days of training is $499 per person, a savings of almost $100. Register by Monday, September 16 to save an additional $50.

To register for the FileMaker Deep Dive: Scripting training event, please click the link below:

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