What’s Cooking

For those of you enjoying the February content from our YouTube channel, In a Nutshell, and wondering what comes next, have no fear. We are hard at work back at the home office to bring you more tutorials on Claris products and news about those same products in March. As always, our goal is to deliver this information in a concise and succinct manner. Here is a quick summary of the learning opportunities coming to a computer near you in the coming weeks.

The first Wednesday evening of March brings the monthly meeting of FMburgh, the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group. The agenda for the evening includes a “FileMaker Show-n-Tell“. We welcome Scott Koontz from S. E. Koontz Software, Inc. and Thomas Mokwa from ProFile Developers to the virtual podium. They will walk us through the topics of their choice, highlighting development work done on their various solutions. If you are unable to join us live on March 3, the meeting recording will be made available within a few days. To register for the virtual event, please click here to sign up.

On March 10, we present our Lunch & Learn: Appetizer. As a rule, people are continually searching for a better tool to get their job done, and we want to highlight and demonstrate the many advantages of turning to the Claris FileMaker low-code platform. In this shorter, bite-sized webinar, we review each component of the Claris FileMaker Platform – Claris FileMaker Pro, Claris FileMaker Server, Claris FileMaker Go, and Claris FileMaker WebDirect – and how they work together to solve business problems. Click here to sample the Appetizer and add it to your calendar.

The great taste keeps coming the following week with the Lunch & Learn: Entrée. In this webinar for current FileMaker users seeking a better understanding of the platform, we focus on the creation of layouts used specifically for printed reports. Click here to select the featured Entrée of the day and add a reminder to your calendar for March 17.

On the last Wednesday of March, we present Lunch & Learn: Á La Carte. This is an open table webinar where we serve solutions to your FileMaker problems. The goal is to help intermediate developers improve their skills by diving deep into the topic of the day. Click here to order from our Á La Carte menu and add a reminder to your calendar. If you have a Claris FileMaker question that needs answered, please submit it via our online form at https://www.crossit.com/in-a-nutshell. You may see the response featured in a future Lunch & Learn: Á La Carte presentation.

There is the summary of our March events, dare I say, in a nutshell. Also, to never risk missing the new Lunch & Learn webinar or the latest FMburgh recording, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications.

Be sure to join us each Wednesday in March because we are riding the bus to Innovationtown!