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Workflow Automation… Part 1

This past week, I had both the honor and the privilege to present a session as part of the Intermediate Track at the 2017 FileMaker Developer Conference, held in Phoenix, AZ. My topic was “Workflow Automation with Script Triggers”. If you will indulge me, I would like to share some […]

Cross IT Presenters at FileMaker DevCon 2017

At FileMaker DevCon 2017 in Phoenix, AZ July 24-27, Todd Weller will be a featured speaker. The title of Todd’s presentation is “Workflow Automation with Script Triggers”. Eric Lewis will be a panelist on FBA Day hosted by Ro Parry at FileMaker in a session titled, “Pro Tips for FINISHing Projects”.  

Announcing Verdant.Software!

Cross IT Services and Solutions, LLC. is pleased to announce they are expanding into the Vertical Market with Verdant.Software. A new brand of software focused on a user centric design by the use of ‘off the shelf’ solutions to help increase communication, business efficiencies and overall employee / customer experience. This team brings many […]

Documentation on a Project

When developing custom solutions, it is beneficial to document the project in different ways. One reason for planning out the early stages of a project is to try and foresee any potential problems that may occur. During a project, recording what works and what deliverables are complete that are ready […]

FileMaker 16 Release Notes

Another year and another version of FileMaker! If it seems like only yesterday that FileMaker 15 was released, you aren’t too far off. FileMaker is now releasing versions on a more annual cycle, which means product releases will become more frequent. This is good news for both developers and end […]

Rapid Development of Custom Solutions vs Vertical Markets

Have you ever wondered what the difference is from a development standpoint of creating a custom FileMaker solution for a business compared to creating a vertical market solution for resale?  The first and most obvious difference is that instead of developing a solution for a specific company with a very […]

Development on Offline Copies of Files

FileMaker has the convenience of being able to perform updates to live systems when put onto a server or in the cloud. Also, when the FileMaker system is set up this way it is more accessible in many places. However, there are FileMaker systems that are used quite often or […]

Software Development Cycle

Let’s spend a little time discussing the Developers view and how it differs from the customer’s view on a “completed” project.  Thinking of any major video game or software that is on the market makes it very clear that a developer’s job on a project/piece of software is never “done”.  […]

Collaborating with Others

Collaborating with people is a part of many projects, allowing the opportunity to share ideas and delegate tasks. This varies on different levels, depending on whether we are talking to managers, developers, or customers. There may be certain people we work with better than others, but when things work out, […]

Cleanliness in Developing

As developers, the longer we develop the more attached we become to certain methods of organizing information.  In saying that, I mean my eye twitches when I work on a project that lacks a clean organized backend to the solution.   As a team at Cross IT we do a great […]