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Integrating FileMaker With iOS Features

As FileMaker developers, we sometimes take things in development for granted that customers and even internal employees may not be aware of.  In some of the newer projects that I have been working on, there have been requested features that I have not exactly needed to quote out or build […]

Introducing FileMaker Cloud

On September 27 2016 FileMaker, Inc. released the newest product to the FileMaker Platform, FileMaker Cloud. Now that the dust has settled, we wanted to evaluate what this means for FileMaker and what it could mean for your FileMaker solutions. The first thing to do is look at how FileMaker Cloud […]

A Developer’s Christmas

Christmas as a developer can be a very interesting time of year. In talking with my family about the plans, presents for the kids, and who is attending what day, one though kept coming to mind: “I can just make an iPhone App for this.”  While the thought of making […]

Avoiding the Development Traffic Jam

As I was driving into work today and watching people who drove very unsure of themselves through the fresh snow from the night before, it made me realize something. When we are developing solutions, especially to the customer, it may sometimes when we are developing solutions and to the customer […]

Happy Thanksgiving, FileMaker!

As I sit here in front of my computer, enjoying some pumpkin pie cheesecake leftover from last week’s Thanksgiving Day feast, I am reminded of tradition that many families follow on this particular holiday. This may even be a tradition in your own family. I am referring to those few […]

Explaining FileMaker to Other Developers

FileMaker developers are a unique phenomenon. In a wide world of software development we find ourselves wearing many hats: project manager, database admin, tester, graphic artist, user interface designer. We often find ourselves involved at all levels of the project, from beginning to end, from being on the front line […]