Developer Titles and Roles – Are they helpful or just plain confusing?

By: Laura Betz

The other day I was asked my “job title”.  Immediately, I responded with “Data Systems Architect”, but soon realized that was way over the top of what the person wanted to hear.  This title, although it has a meaning for me and my company, is very industry specific.

I started to review all the other titles that I or someone else had used for the job I performed:

Data Systems Analyst

Database Developer

FileMaker Developer

Applications Developer

Developer of Awesomeness



Subsequently, I had to then consider what roles do people play when developing solutions:

Project Planner


User Interface Designer

FileMaker Guru

Quality Assurance Tester


With all that in mind, it’s a wonder why we don’t all go into an existential crisis at the amount of things we have to do as individual developers. Luckily, we are complex high functioning individuals.

As complicated as it all seems, it’s simply that we are people who develop solution within FileMaker.  It is up to us on how complicated or simple we make it, and what are our main focus and skills are.  Some people prefer coding and others prefer UI design, and we can have all of that within FileMaker.  This product has the versatility to satisfy the desire of all “developers”. In the end, whatever role we take on the resulting project delivered is what matter most to our customer and the development community.