FileMaker 15

A Discussion: FileMaker 15 

Level: Beginner 

By: Laura Betz 

On May 10, 2016, FileMaker Inc. (an Apple Subsidiary) announced the release of FileMaker 15.  This version was released approximately one year from the release of FileMaker 14.  This is the quickest release of the FileMaker Pro whole numbered version.  Even with the quick release of the latest version there are several changes and additions.  Some of the changes in the areas of security, performance, and integration. 

The changes affect not only the (Pro) desktop versions, but also for FileMaker Go, WebDirect, and Server that were also released. 

There have been improvements in developing in FileMaker Pro mainly within the Script Workspace.   Multiple levels of undo/redo and reduced dependency on the gear setting of script steps will speed up scripting if a developer enjoys the textual way of programming. 

A couple of the major improvements for FileMaker Go are the Touch ID and iBeacon capabilities allowing fingerprint access to secure files.  Tracking for nearby objects using iBeacon will be especially helpful when monitoring inventory at a customer location. 

Connecting through FileMaker WebDirect now allows mobile phone support so the application can be easily accessed on mobile devices other than Apple products.  This increases FileMaker’s accessibility and ease of use. 

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