Integrating FileMaker With iOS Features

As FileMaker developers, we sometimes take things in development for granted that customers and even internal employees may not be aware of.  In some of the newer projects that I have been working on, there have been requested features that I have not exactly needed to quote out or build into the scope of work, which can be confusing to the person requesting the project.  One instance of this stands out more than the others and it’s the ability to do speech to text within a solution.  Utilizing the iOS’s ability to convert speech to text using the keyboard itself is something that naturally works with FileMaker; however not all applications that run on an iOS device can take advantage of this feature.  The particular application they are moving away from would not allow them to insert the text into the areas they intended.  It was an inconvenience to them, but it is something that FileMaker can accomplish easily.

With the natural relationship between FileMaker and Apple products, we sometimes we forget that the native capabilities of the products are something that not all products take advantage of.  With FileMaker, we have the ease of integration with everything from speech to text to utilizing their default e-mail application.  With all of the features that are integrated from Apple products combined with all of the features that already part of FileMaker, we gain even more of a competitive advantage.

When talking about FileMaker and how rapidly we can make an idea reality for a customer, it’s beneficial to mention that we can also utilize all of their favorite features from their iOS device, as well.  The idea of integrating services from their iOS device that they are familiar with already, can make the difference between FileMaker and the competition.  Along with the new additions that FileMaker brings to the table, every new iOS update also brings new functionality that we can take advantage of within our solutions.  Next time you talk with a someone new to FileMaker, remember it’s not just getting them the perfect solution but getting them the best tools to use that solution.