New Product Announcement – Claris Connect

Claris International Inc., the world’s leader in Workplace Innovation and a subsidiary of Apple, Inc., recently released its newest product, Claris Connect, and we at Cross couldn’t be more excited.  This is a big moment – not only is it the first product release outside of Claris’s flagship product, FileMaker, but it also is a very forward-thinking product that offers growth opportunities within the workplace innovation sector.

The product is actually not a product at all, but a cloud-based, browser accessible, service that allows anyone to connect to and effectively manage all the different web services it supports. Claris Connect takes out the difficulty in building your own API connections to different popular services like Office 365, Quickbooks Online, Slack, and FileMaker and instead offers a unified interface that does all the heavy lifting for you. No longer do you need to pour over hours of documentation just to try and connect to a service. Just choose your service, type your username and password, then choose an action. It’s that easy – no web programming knowledge or development team needed!

But that’s just the start of what Claris Connect can do; these actions can then be built into systematic automated workflows, called flows. Flows can then be triggered by other services supported by Claris Connect, scheduled, or triggered by a webhook for services not yet supported by Claris Connect. It sounds simple, because it is, as this allows you to very easily automate tedious and time consuming business processes.

We’ll give a more thorough example in our next blog post of what this can really do for small businesses but wanted to highlight one more key feature about Claris Connect. It’s made by the leader in workplace innovation, Claris! I know, sounds cheesy but the bottom line is unlike other competing products, you can expect this one to receive strong support as it’s backed by an already proven contender in the workplace innovation category. Their flagship product, FileMaker, is already a big name and proven entity that helps small businesses create dynamic solutions for their complex multi-faceted problems. You can expect Claris Connect to do the same.

For more information you can find the official product website here.

Cross IT is a FileMaker FBA Platinum partner and already has Claris Connect experts ready to help. Please feel free to reach out to any of our team members, or email us at for additional information.