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FileMaker 16 Release Notes

Another year and another version of FileMaker! If it seems like only yesterday that FileMaker 15 was released, you aren’t too far off. FileMaker is now releasing versions on a more annual cycle, which means product releases will become more frequent. This is good news for both developers and end […]

FMburgh April 2017 Meeting

As part of this “FileMaker Show-n-Tell”, our own Erica Tamburo and Eric Lewis will each present a mini-keynote. Erica and Eric will walk us through the topics of their choice, highlighting development work done on their various solutions. Each presentation gives us the opportunity to see how our peers have solved real-world problems using […]

Feature Management

This past weekend I had the pleasure of running into one of my old classmates from college. After the typical pleasantries of catching up and reminiscing the conversation naturally shifted towards our respective jobs and what we do. With my friend being an in house database developer using Oracle and […]

Explaining FileMaker to Other Developers

FileMaker developers are a unique phenomenon. In a wide world of software development we find ourselves wearing many hats: project manager, database admin, tester, graphic artist, user interface designer. We often find ourselves involved at all levels of the project, from beginning to end, from being on the front line […]