FileMaker 16 Release Notes

Another year and another version of FileMaker! If it seems like only yesterday that FileMaker 15 was released, you aren’t too far off. FileMaker is now releasing versions on a more annual cycle, which means product releases will become more frequent. This is good news for both developers and end users alike as it will allow FileMaker to be both more reactive by releasing features faster and also allow them to incrementally release big features and changes. With that being said let’s take a look at some of the new features that have us excited:

The great thing about FileMaker is that both casual users and seasoned programmers can use FileMaker to build things. With this release, FileMaker has added both major and minor changes that will make the lives of all its developers easier. The biggest clearly is the new PDF support for both FileMaker Webdirect and FileMaker Server! With this feature FileMaker Webdirect takes one giant step closer to offering everything FileMaker Pro offers. Other features that have us on the edge of our seats: the new layout object window, which allows developers to more easily manage their layout objects; the new card feature, which will make switching between contexts seamless; and the ability to copy and paste value lists, something that will save many mind numbing development hours.

In terms of user interface and aesthetics, FileMaker 16 also includes many fresh upgrades. The first is a much wanted upgrade for its Windows desktop client interface. With a brand new modern interface users can now have multiple separate windows of FileMaker open and can more easily manage them across multiple monitors on their Windows device. In addition, FileMaker has added layout transitions for its iOS based environment, FileMaker Go, as well as an upgraded signature object that is more intuitive for end users.

With each release of the FileMaker platform it seems that more attention is given to how it can integrate with other products; FileMaker 16 is no exception. This release features many upgrades to FileMaker’s ability to share data. The first is native JSON parsing functions. JSON, simply, put is one of the most widely used data transfer formats in use today, so having native functions that can parse JSON data into data easily understood by FileMaker is huge for anyone integrating FileMaker with other products. Furthermore, FileMaker 16 also offers enhanced cURL options to allow more interaction with other REST APIs, and a FileMaker data API trial of its own. Also, security support for OAuth 2.0, which will allow integration with other web accounts.

These changes offered in FileMaker 16 represent a broad array of new features and show that FileMaker is both looking to the future by adding new elements as well as adding improvements to an already stellar suite of products. With so many new features that offer so much depth, this truly feels like one of the most complete FileMaker Product releases in recent memory. Welcome to the world FileMaker 16, we’re happy to meet you; even more happy to program with you!