Testing…1, 2, 3

Lately, I have been studying for the FileMaker Certification, which for those who have taken it, know the difficulty of the exam, and others may have heard of it. As much I would like to take most of my time to study for it, I also have to do work on FileMaker projects. These projects, along with studying, need time and effort. In the end, we find out if the effort has paid off or not.

While it may not be necessary to test everything we have developed, as it is most likely something we have done many times or know that its setup correctly. The developed solutions may still work, but there is still the dilemma of whether everything should go through testing regardless of our confidence. In our projects/applications/database that we work on, testing is easier, and hopefully faster, what we cannot always count on is a person ability to recreate an entire situation that worked before without any flaws. It’s always worth testing out functionality in applications, even if the benefits may not seem as influential each time.

Depending on the person or project, there is a difference in the approach to either success or failure, which in either way we can get a general idea of what went right or wrong. For the next time, we can learn what we can do better (in both cases). Some of the key things are: trying to understand the material, working on how to use, and knowing what to leave out (this time) and what to include. The process isn’t always an easy path.

Results will vary, but passing is all what we hope for in the application of our knowledge, although we are happy when it is more than “just getting by”. Making something that works, and even something we can boast about and share, gives us affirmation that we did things right. Testing challenges the things that we worked for, and the payoff may sometimes be small, but still worth the effort when it succeeds.