A reflection on women in development

By: Laura Betz

Standing on my balcony watching the water show at the Bellagio with my coworkers I couldn’t help but think back on all the events of the 2016 FileMaker DevCon.  Walking through the hallways into different rooms taking a look around at the more than 1,500 attendees some I know, many that I don’t, I couldn’t help but wonder how many attendees are woman? I didn’t get an exact count, but from my estimation there were about two hundred and fifty women in attendance this year.  This is an incredible increase from the hundred or so woman in attendance at my first DevCon more than five years ago.

Having spent my career and education in the field of computer science I am used to looking and seeing more men than women in the workplace and / or classroom.  So seeing the increase in women in the development community I wondered if their experiences were like mine. Luckily, FileMaker holds an annual event that brings woman from all over the country and the world together as part of the DevCon experience in the Women of FileMaker Luncheon.  You could feel the synergy in the room of women sharing stories, and empowering each other to take a greater role and a louder voice in the community.  Cross IT believes so strongly in enhancing the experience of women in development that we were a sponsor for the 2016 luncheon.  We also started and continue to foster development enrichment for every user as part of our FMBurgh FileMaker User Group in Pittsburgh.

I hope that my support, and the amazing women I have met will continue to enrich the community of women in FileMaker and technology as a whole.

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