Creating User Workflows

A Discussion: Creating User Workflow

Level: Beginner

By: Laura Betz

We need to get things done.  All of us. No exceptions.  So, how does this get accomplished?

When building applications there is always a purpose that needs to be fulfilled and applications may help facilitate this process.  In order to achieve the outlined purpose the first step is designing a workflow.  Sometimes the workflow can be ambiguous, especially if it has never been done before.  This ambiguity creates difficulties in developing an application, as detailed information is critical to the development of the application. When developing a solution effective communication is essential in figuring out where to start, who needs to be involved in the process, etc.  There will be series of questions needed to establish the purpose of each step.  These questions will be individualized for each project, but an overview may help direct conversations on where to start. Once the workflow is established for the application it can be improved upon by making the process automated.

After collecting information and brainstorming with your team you can decide on the final process flow chart and a wireframe will solidify the structure for the programming.  A good idea is to present this material to your customer to make sure everything is within their scope before work has been performed.  Remember to over communicate!!  When conducting follow-ups after the workflow is finalized for the application, and all of its processes, having done the up front leg work will ensure less maintenance is needed, and more upgrades can be done.

Efficiency rises when a workflow is properly implemented and may continue to occur as the solution is further streamlines / customized.  

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